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Manfuck Manifesto TIMfuck

Blake Daniels is a hot young Aryan muscle pig from southern California that loves to get used, and get used hard! You will routinely see him doing bareback group scenes with several other white men and sometimes even some niggers mixed in for good measure. Blake is such a beautiful man to watch him get his cuts creamed in by some nasty motherfuckers out in the gay sex compound resorts in Palm Springs, CA.

In this scene Treasure Island Media contacted him to see if they could pimp his ass out for this video, and he was very excited to be in the film, Manfuck Manifesto. Alvin, Ray Dalton, Jay Elliott, Max Sanchez, and Dennis start he scene without Blake in it, but once he gets himself chem’ed up real good, he joins in and the sexual energy in the room immediately surges.

I wished Treasure Island Media would film a video with him tied down to the bed, getting his back flogged and fucked at the same time. I’ve watched several of Blake’s scenes — and they’re ALL HOT. He looks like he really wants to become a pain pig though.


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