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Skinhead Fucking Punk Guy

This video comes to us from the United Kingdom. This looks like some sort of Skinhead Craigslist hookup. The fucking starts out hard, as you hear the bottom punk cry out in pain on that initial trust. Skinhead’s cock looks uncut and thick, no wonder he’s moaning like he is. I wished I was there to watch this action in real life… would of been hot to take sloppy seconds after the Skinhead came in his ass. This punk gets fucked bareback, and the top Skinhead ain’t fucking around.

I’ve always had the fantasy to not tie, but chain an 18 year old twink bottom down to a bed. Using ropes allow for some pull and I don’t like that, and chain is easier to measure. Chain his twink ass down and let several drunk and vicious straight blue collar tops frenzy on his ass. A twink that think’s he likes the feeling of being “used” is fucking hot! Of course I’d want to get some high definition amateur footage of his moans and screams.

Take a look a this video, it’s over 7 minutes long and it’s not bad for a quick jack.


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