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Today we would like to introduce Tyler from the United States. He is a young and very horny California skinhead who is in a popular Skinhead gang out of Los Angeles. Tyler’s cock is uncircumcised and 9 inches, if not more. He is defiantly extremely hung, and all natural.

What we found really attractive about Tyler was his sexual fantasies. He defiantly was not shy about liking “some sick bitches” to suck his dick. From our experience… we can tell Tyler is defiantly into much more then just normal everyday sex. He is hiding some fetishes. Throughout this amateur video, he seems very sexual dominant.

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5 Responses to “Tyler is a Young Aryan Skinhead with a huge uncut dick”

  1. John

    Wow this video is really hot — I’m defiantly going to check out your guys’ skinhead theater site as well! Thanks for creating such a hot blog.

    – John

  2. racistslut

    Fuck your hot. love that huge nasty uncut cock.

  3. butchlvr

    Tyler’s still young and even though he’s into finding ‘sick bitches to suck my cock’ that could change with a bit more experience. Like he’s taken step one by doing a jerk-off vid. If he thought all that’d happen is he got sucked off, I bet he’d go for some guy on guy action — maybe. That or totally lose it and go all ‘aggro’ on everyone! If he did go for getting blown maybe just maybe he’d try it back. Hmmmm….Or better yet, be made to by some guy tougher than him!!

  4. Philippe De Coster

    I have been myself an active skinhead and gay. I had a White Power skinhead friend from London, meeting him on regular bases in Antwerp (Belgium). He loved to cut his name “Metal” on my back and the Swastika. He fisted me as well and as such that blood flew from my ass. He licked my blood, and told me it was sweet. He died after a short illness March 28, 2007. Ever since I am wandering, life is not longer the same. However, I am still a skinhead as a way of life.

  5. butchlvr

    Nice big white dick on Tyler…bet he could rip up a few pussies with that mutha! Gag some nasty bitch on it then sperm all over the cunt’s face!

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